It takes a woman photographer for another woman to feel comfortable in an intimate setting such as boudoir photography. It also takes a woman photographer to understand how to honor the female form and show off just how beautiful every woman is.

I often get asked how I got into the field of boudoir photography. The answer, completely by accident! A client called me up and asked if I did boudoir photography. I told her I had never done it before and would love to give it a shot. Well I did the session and completely fell head over heals in love with this venue of photography. I love photographing women and showing their unique and individual beauty.
This style of photography lets me celebrate the sexy, classy, sensitive, intimate and strong side of every woman.

The Low Down

Maya Lay, aka Wife, Mommy and Photographer

Sign: Aries
Chinese Symbol: Year of the Snake
Likes: My awesome husband and amazing kids,
A job that I love, Non-fat Chai Tea Latte, Japanese food, Movies from the 80s, Antique Shopping, Clothes, Etsy, Traveling, Creating, Reading, Girls Night!
Would Like: More hours in the Day, Nicer skin, Non-Frizzy Hair, My Stretch Marks from above stated amazing kids to be Gone!
Dislikes: People who Drive under the Speed Limit
Fave Food: ANYTHING Japanese, Chinese, Fried Chicken, Strawberry Shortcake, Pizza, Pumpkin Pie, etc etc etc
Bad Habit: Leaving lights on around the whole house, Buying items from the $1 Section at Target that I really don't need!
Ambition: To raise well balanced and thoughtful kids, To be the best at what I do

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